Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yummy Coffee: Boca Java's Blogger's Boot Up Blend

Here is my first ever coffee review.

My first ever exposure to Boca Java came when visiting my family in JAX. It was wonderful. The coffee I had was a decaf blend, but you couldn't tell. It was rich and smooth. So I was really looking forward to recieving some of "my own" coffee in the mail. I was not disappointed :) The first bag that I opened was the Blogger's Boot Up Blend. The smell that greeted me was rich & dark. My son says it smelled "heavenly". This coffee is a good pick-me-up for a tired SAHM. I have made a pot every morning this week, and nursed it all day long. Yes, it is even good old and cold :)

On Doing Flip Turns

Some of you know that 6 weeks ago I joined a masters swim team. At first the biggest hurdle was getting up at quarter to five each morning, then came the very sore muscles (OK, I still have some of that going on), but today presented the biggest challenge so far....flip turns!!! The first attempt resulted in coughing & sneezing, plus my sinuses becoming full of pool water. Blow out through your nose everyone says. No such luck. I tried, came up spluttering. Finally I got to the point where I could flip sideways (that will sure do me a lot of good in a race). But, by the time practice ended, I could flip fairly straight and usually be close enough to the wall to push off, albiet, not very efficiently. Five hours later I'm still smelling chlorine & my head feels like it's full of cotton. But I figure, if my 7 and 10yo's can do these things, I should be able to as well. Now to try and tackle that butterfly :O